Friday, November 7, 2008

fine feathered friend

Avery made this Indian hat in school today. When I picked her up she was still waking up from her nap with this hat on her head. We got home, I brushed hair for the football game, and she put the hat right back on her head. She then wore the hat throughout the game tonight while running up and down the stadium stairs. After the game, she was off to a weekend at Buppy and Granny's house with the hat proudly on her head...wonder if when she returns on Sunday if she'll still be wearing the hat? Funny girl.Not a funny outcome for the Spartans tonight... 35-3 in favor of El Dorado. Bummer. Next week we play Canyon which is our last opportunity to make it into playoffs for 2008.
Light a candle, would ya?


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