Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costume Craze...

Halloween took on a life of its own around here, starting with dressing up for school on Thursday. It has been a few years since my middle school allowed costumes, so I wanted to make it a good one. I chose to make my appearance as "svelte Santa". All that sweating under that costume paid off when I won the teacher costume contest.Hunter and Davin participated that same day in their Literature parade at school. Hunter was "Where's Waldo"... And Davin managed to find a Star Wars book so that he could be a Storm TrooperFor trick-or-treating, Hunter chose this skeleton costume and Davin remained a Storm Trooper

Avery adorned her Eloise costume for the second year in a row... I love how she loves that ebay gem!Leanne and her kids joined us in the festivities. Here is Sierra in her Mackie-made princess dress. (Mackie is her Grandma)... it was gorgeous and so was she!
Eli was quite the show-stopper in his mommy-made Wall-E costume. He greeted each person at the door by saying, " Hi my name is Eli, and I am Walllll-EEEEEE!" My niece Alex stopped by in her oh-so-awesome costume...she was the cutest Hannah Montana, which got me thinking....
We got the opportunity to have an adult night out. Dusan and I were Billy Ray Cyrus and Hannah Montana. I felt 16 all over again...What a blast! I made sure I talked into my microphone all night. It was a fun prop. When I held it up to people, they generally raised their voice a few notches, it was strange but funny.
Jeff and Caitie were the cutest Catholic school students you've ever seen. (St. Paul to be exact)
Here's our colorful gang. Red solo cups, backyard band...what a night to remember.
No Halloween would be complete without the blessings from Jesus. I can't beleive with all of his responsibilities he had the time to stop by... he is amazing!

If you took pictures... be sure to send them my way... I would LOVE to see them!


Leanne said...

Oh Hannah! You are HI-LARIOUS!
I love the night out pictures. Moments like that are the greatest... it reminds you that you are still young & funny.

Thank you for the SUPER FUN Halloween night. My kids love hanging eith the Ancich Family.

peepinit said...

it doesn't get more awesome when you're Hannah Montana!

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