Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a week in our life: wednesday

Wednesday journaling:
6:30 coffee/ Davin already up in the office (Avery & Hunter had taken over his bed)
7:50 got to take boys to school
8:00 help out in Davin's!
9:00 Dusan takes Avery to preschool (picture day= striped tights)
9:30 Dusan and I began our day of hookie
10:00 run errands with camera
11:30 sushi lunch
12:30 go on 4 mile run together in 99 degree weather...yes!
2:20 pick up boys together
3:00 pick up Avery together
4:30 boys off to night practice with Dad
5:00 Avery and I have Rice a Roni for our dinner
6:00 Target
7:00 Granny and Buppy deliver Halloween pajamas for the kids
7:30 Avery asks to go to bed??? uh-oh.
8:50 boys still aren't home from football practice


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