Saturday, October 11, 2008

A week in our life: Saturday

I have just learned about this website that will print blogs and turn them into a book. Since this blog was my 2008 New Years Resolution, I am planning to have it printed and bound in January. We will then have a detailed journal of our lives from 2008.
This has also sparked my interest in a project I have been reading about this past week on other blogs: a week in our life. I decided today, to take part in this little challenge. I am going to be documenting our life for 7 straight days: everything...around the house and around town too. I think this will be a fun addition to look back at as part of this blog in its bound-book form. So here is a look at our typical oh-so-busy Saturday...

Saturday journaling:
6:30 coffee
7:15 cinnamon swirl muffins
9:00 Avery dance, both boys off to soccer games with Buppy
11:00 Strikkers and Galaxy pizza party at That's Amore
12:30 Target
2:00 Dusan catching a few college football games
2:30 Avery pretending to nap, me studying Pottery Barn catalog
3:00 Dusan catching more football
4:00 Dusan attempting to teach Avery to ride a bike with no traning wheels
4:30 Littlest Pet Shop Brigade on guard in hallway
5:00 Angelina Ballerina, boys out back with neighbors on trampoline
6:00 Family dinner: cereal, pasta, leftover pizza, corn on the cob???
7:00 family room wrestling, Blue comes for sleep over


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