Monday, October 13, 2008

a week in our life: Monday

Monday journaling:
5:30 coffee
6:50 out the door to preschool
7:30 quiet classroom
8:05 full classroom
2:30 boys walk over from Scott Ave/ start homework
3:30 finish homework at home
4:00 start dinner/ Avery sets table "fancy"
4:30 pack lunches
5:15 carpool picks up Hunter for soccer
7:30 home from soccer/ showers
8:00 read/ bedtime


Leanne said...

GREAT!!! You will be so happy to have the regular "day-in-the-life" days recorded.

Latrice said...

Hey girlie!

Love the pictures. I did Ali's week in the life too!! I need to work on putting it all together. Have you started that yet?

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