Monday, September 1, 2008

Davin's belated birthday

So with the hustle and bustle of the engagement party last night we had to move Davin's b'day celebration to the weekend before since both events fell on the same day. It was kind of like the old phrase Yosemite Sam used to say to Bugs Bunny... "This town ain't big enough for the two of us!"... except it was more like "this mom ain't brave enough to take on the two of YOU!"

So last weekend Davin picked a few friends to go see the Star Wars Clone Wars movie. Afterward we had a fun dinner at Red Robin, followed by a 1000 piece Lego-building sleepover party. So he got his day and it was a good one too.


And all of you looking for evidence from last night's BIG event... boo hoo... my camera was barely used. So as soon as the bride-to-be gets her pictures uploaded I will post them QUICK!

Happy September... Lookin' forward to an eventful month. Like 70 fresh faced sixth graders at my classroom door in two days, hopefully alot of winning Friday night results, the start of two seperate soccer seasons, a successful Pre-K, first grader, and third grader, and maybe a trip out to apple country again.


Luv Bug said...

haha! wow! i luv the mask!

and yes...Mrs. A, you do have a say in whether you would like to be a "relative" of an Olympic superstar! haha! sorry, i just HAD to post that! Thank my father-it was ALL his doing! He's was just looking at the TV and all of a sudden he was like, "hey thats Mrs. Ancich right there!" I was like, "Where?" and then he preceded to tell me that Alicia Sacramone was your twin! haha! too funny! But seriously, she looks like she could be related to you! haha!

hope things are good! i will see ya 'round! <333 Tori :]]]

p.s. and no, i still haven't forgotten about that visit I promised you...

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