Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been over a year and a half that I have been trying to grow out my hair. But today with a little encouragement from my hair stylist, April, I got it cut... It feels really strange to post pictures on here of just me without at least one kid hanging off my elbow or something... so Lisa, this is for you!!!
I feel really nervous about the change right now, but hopefully it will "grow" on me by September...hee hee hee!


peepinit said...

It's a perfect 'do for you. I really like the layers! You're always willing to take the risks - and they always pay off.

cheers to a "lighter" summer.

Luvie said...

I like the new "do."

The side shot looks GREAT! With that little strand blowing back, so cool!

How's ur summer been? --Victoria <3

elizabeth said...

Hottie!! Love it! i'm still trying to work up the courage to choperoo myself, thanks for the inspiration!

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