Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fancy Nancies

On Friday, Avery's friend Ella had her 4th birthday. It was a Fancy Nancy party. For those of you who aren't familiar with this name, it is based on a children's book about a little girl who thinks everything is better if it is fancy! What a concept!
Here are Ella, Avery, & Tess on their way in to the nail salon to get mani's and pedi's... Tess picked purple, Ella picked pink, and Avery picked bright blue!
Ella, sipping her sparkiling cider, because what drink would be fancier???
After nails, it was off to the candy store. The girls had a tough time dodging the paparrazzi!
Then it was back to Ella's very fancy house for games, presents, and...
cupcakes, of course!Happy 4th Birthday, Ella!!


Luvie said...

haha! 2 cute! My mom wants to get Marissa into Fancy Nancy when she's older! My 5 year old cousin is all into that and she's been trying to get the younger ones into it too! haha! :]]]

peepinit said...

All the girls are 4 now! I can hardly believe how much they seem to be growing up. I love it!

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