Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8 is Great!

Hunter is 8 years old today. To celebrate we headed to Medieval Times on Sunday night to eat chicken and ribs with our fingers and root for the horse and knight dressed in red. Hunter, Davin, Blue, and Anthony cheered their hearts out and thought the jousting matches were so exciting.Today I am sentimental about my not-so-little boy. So here are a few things that I LOVE about my 8 year old boy...

At 8 years old you are a very loyal friend to both the boys and the girls and you always ask your guests if they are hungry.

At 8 years old, no matter what you've heard, you still love professional wrestling.
At 8 years old you get as sweaty as a sauna playing one on one basketball for

5 minutes with dad.At 8 years old, you still like to take turns reading pages with Dad and me. And you consider reading to Avery the equivalent to an adult listener on your Reading Log ;)
At 8 years old, you are loyal to your favorite teams, no matter who everyone else in the house is rooting for (Go Celtics!)
At 8 years old, your absolute favorite person on the planet is your brother, Davin!
At 8 years old, you play all sports with the passion of a grown man!And at 8 years old, no matter what I cook, you always race to be the first one to say, "Thanks for dinner mom!"

Your dad and I are so lucky for that day 8 years ago, and every single one in between!

We love you, Hunter Charles Ancich!


Leanne said...

AWESOME!!! He's not mine and I could still cry. What a good boy- and you are a good mom for telling him all the ways that he is special.

Luvie said...

Awwww...this is such a cute post!

When I turned 8, we went to Medieval Times too...and rooted for the RED team! How funny!

See ya later!
---Tori <33333333

P.S. i say GO CELTICS!!!!! too! :)))

Becky said...

I just cried reading "8 is great". What an amazing kid and your words reflect how much you love him :)

These are pics and the words that finally made me take the time to register on this stupid site :)

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