Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 Amazing Dads

I am lucky to know ALOT of great dads...
but there are a few reasons these 3 are extra special...My Dad...

...often made pancakes the size of quarters so that our dolls wouldn't go hungry at the breakfast table.

...thought it was important that I knew how to check the oil level in my car
in the college dorm parking lot.

...pretended to hold onto the back of the bike seat, but actually let go because he knew I could ride by myself.

...came to every single one of my track meets straight from work in his shirt and tie.

...Told me he bought me a red Mustang with a sunroof...
but drove up in a red Mercury Capri with a 40 pound moonroof :)

...Taught me that staying active at every age is the best way to live life.

Dusan... always ready for a game of one on one basketball with the boys

...can bounce everyone the highest when we play "Crack the Egg" on the trampoline the best wrestling commentator on Friday nights

...can lay on his stomach playing doll house talking in doll voices for hours

...always runs out at the last minute on Christmas Eve when it seems that the Santa miscounted and the gifts are slightly uneven in number

...Sets an example, daily, on how to stay cool and calm under pressure.

Marijon (my father-in-law)...

...Makes Christmas Eve magical every year

...Manages to be a completely different person at home, than on the field

...Has stuck with my nickname of "Sara Fawcett" for 12 years.

...Raised two amazing football coaches, just like him

...Calls moving railroad ties from one spot to another..."necessary"!

HapPy FatHer'S dAy

to all the great dad's today!


Christine said...

Super sweet Tribute Sara. Your family is truly blessed to have 3 amazing dads!

Luvie said...

Luv the post! This is a really SWEET post! And I luv the pic of you with ur Dad! Really cute!

See ya later! --Luvie <333

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