Friday, May 30, 2008

Spelling Bee- Take Two

Today was Hunter's second opportunity to participate in the Dulles Elementary Annual Spelling Bee. Last year, in first grade was his first time. After competing in his individual classroom, he and four other students competed against the top five students from all the second grade classes. We were given a list of 200 words to study. We worked on 20 a day to prepare for the big event. He made it through the first 9 problem. Then by the 10th round they started having to spell words they had not seen on the study list....competition was tough! Some of the words were: December, birthdays, thought, and scene...but the word that got him out... that he will probably never forget was .... canoe! He spelled it canue...can you blame him? It was phonetically correct at least.
If there had been a trophy for fifth place, he would have won it. Pretty good out of over 60 second graders to begin with!
We were so proud of the effort Hunter put forth to prepare, study, and get up on stage in front of his classmates and parents...he did an awesome job. He sure does well under pressure! He must have got that from his dad.
Way to go Hunter!


Christine said...

Way to go Hunter. What an accomplishment. What proud a proud Mommy and Daddy you have.
You're awesome! :)

Leanne said...

I am so impressed with him! He always rises to the occasion and SHINES!!! SO proud!

Luvie said...

WOW...MRS. A! Boy, did you surprise me today! Thank you for the note...I was so not expecting it! It was funny, because a few minutes before you walked in, I was telling the girl who was sitting across from me that I was soooo tired and that I woke up with a headache and a nasty "kink" in my neck. I could barely turn my head! So...she was like, "I think you need a hug, maybe that'll wake you up and make you feel better!" ...And then lo and behold, you walked in with a nice note and a big hug that I SO needed at that moment! Thanks...cuz it totally woke me up and made me feel much better...or maybe that was the ibuprofen finally kicking in! JK! JK!

But anyways...thanks sooo much! I really appreciated ur note and ur comment...too cute! This is like a really big deal for my family...more family members and friends called me yesterday than they did on my B-Day! CRAAAZY! Thanks again! U Rock and I luv ya! <3333 Victoria (A.K.A. Luv Bug!!! <333)

P.S. Just a little advice for when you start reading TWILIGHT. It doesn't get REALLY good until the middle of the book, just have to make it through the first 50 pages or so until things start getting REALLY good! Ok?! Peace Out! :)))

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