Sunday, April 27, 2008

We left our hearts in San Francisco

We almost didn't get there. Avery came home from preschool on Thursday with what she was proudly calling her "bug bites". I took her to Urgent Care and the dr. said he didn't think it was Chicken Pox... but he wasn't sure. With 12 hours to go before we were to catch a plane to San Francisco... I was slightly frantic. In the morning, they looked worse but still not blistery as Chicken Pox should. To be safe, Dusan took her back for a 2nd opnion and still the dr. said she thought it was jsut a bad reaction to something. Although she did end up having a double ear wasn't enough to keep us home. Ear infections are the equivalent to paper cuts in our house!
So here we are Day 2 after going to a comedy club the night before... on the ferry to Alcatraz. Having never been there before, this was Dusan's only request. We took a very informative audio tour. We got so lucky with the weather... it was gorgeous... in the 80's. We did alot of walking...after Alcatraz we had lunch at the Fog City Grille...then it was off to a night on the town.
We had dinner at Luna Park in the Mission District followed by dancing at Blondie's and then to fun club called Double Dutch. The city was extra lively since the weather had taken a turn for the better.

We ended our trip this morning with some Dance Revolution and Mario Olympics on Lisa and Frank's Wii game system. I can see how addicting having those games around could be.

We had a fun trip...too fast. But it was so nice having uninterrupted conversations and just getting to be together. We may make some plans to go back and actually take this kids next time. I think it would be interesting to try my luck at being a city mom!


Luvie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! My mom is soooo jealous! She has wanted to go there FOREVER! Maybe we'll go this summer. See ya 'round! <3333

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