Friday, April 18, 2008

If your "hoppy" and you know it

The boys discovered this fine green fellow on our front windows just the other day. They were torn between patience and impulse...should they let him stay or go? Unfortunately the moment after I snapped this picture Mr. Green made his own decision to get the heck out of there. If it wasn't for the glare of my white pants in the window this could have been a really cool shot. I actually think this was the same grasshopper that managed to get himself under my heel in the dark the other night...hmmm....reincarnation perhaps? or kharma?
On to our most time consuming activity each Hunter has had a few opportunities during prctice to try his luck at catching. At first he was so hesitant to have those hardballs fired at him. But has learned to embrace the challenge. But my personal favorite part about his new opportunity is the gear...

A fun shot of Davin doing everything he could to make Avery crazy during a baseball practice. All he needed to complete this picture are two little red horns coming out of the top of his head. My paper is done... hoping to keep the updates coming along more frequently.


Luvie said...

Nick does the same thing to Marissa during my basketball games. It almost seems like he wants to make her loud, and the only way he can do it is by making her cry! It drives me CRAZY!

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