Saturday, February 23, 2008

Purple Pride

The results are in...just look at these proud 6th graders with their tie-dyed shirts...This is my Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies classes.
These are my Honors students. It was such a blast catching glances of purple tie-dye all over campus on Friday. This is a project I will do with my students for years to come!


Victoria said...

How cute! I saw you walking to your classroom and noticed that you were sporting a shirt too. Kelsey thought it was very cute for you to do that with your classes. When I told her how you had them tie-dye the shirts in class her first words were, "OMG! Mrs. Ancich is such a cutie!" Hope things are good! I'll see ya later! --Victoria <3

Victoria said...

Hey, Hey Mrs. A.! :) Just checkin' in on your blog! I've had no homework this past week, so I've been checking all of my bloggin' friends blogs all week. I was going to say have a nice 3 day weekend, but I realized that you have to go on Friday for teacher training day. Well, see ya later!

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