Sunday, February 3, 2008

Food for thought

Dinner time is one of my favorite times of the week. We have our routine down to a science... Prayers...usually followed by arguments over who gets to say after 3 different prayers...the meal.

Then we go around the table and everyone gets a chance to share out about their day...the good, the bad...and sometimes the ugly. So much more comes out at the dinner table than it does on the drive home from school.
Life is busy with two full-time working parents and three students. I can imagine without dinnertime, there would be many days we'd miss out on hearing all the small stuff. I treasure our family meals together.


Leanne said...

Thank you for checking my blog. Your voice was in my head last night as I was uploading my pictures... "Keep it current, girl!"

I love seeing pictures of your kids and reading your thoughts on life. I get so many ideas from you. Keep it up!

Victoria said...

Luv the update! I haven't checked your blog for awhile. You're very good at keeping your blog up to date. See ya later!

GabCis said...

So true and so well-put, dinner time is special and's one of my favorite times too :)

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